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Transform the emotional chaos of divorce and find peace

You know you want to get off the

 the emotional rollercoaster,  

you just don’t know how

You’ve tried playing nice only to have it blow up in your face

The wheels of justice turn slowly and the Divorce process goes on longer than we are capable of holding up appearances. It’s better to operate from a workable solution rather than grin and bear it.

You’ve tried giving the silent treatment or going no contact

But that doesn’t help move the needle of divorce forward or keep your lawyers fees down. It only prolongs the process of actually getting to a resolution.

You’ve tried to be really assertive to not get steamrolled

But it turns into a bigger war than if you had just attempted to approach things from a balanced and calm place.

Here's the truth, it is possible to....

Move through the divorce process – without feeling like you’re operating from ROCK BOTTOM each day

Let me ask you a question:

How would your life change if you stopped feeling like every interaction was a war – and started to interact with ease?

No really, it is possible…
I’m about to share with you exactly how


People don’t actually want to duke it out in a courtroom
And they don't really want to be enemies for years to come
In reality, they want the relationship to end and to move forward peacefully.
And that’s where
break up boundaries come in…


People don’t actually want to duke it out in a courtroom
And they don't really want to be enemies for years to come
In reality, they want the relationship to end and to move forward peacefully.
And that’s where
break up boundaries come in…

Inside the Break Up Boundaries Workshop, you'll learn how to:

Identify the SEVEN sources of chaos and learn how to tame them.
Learn the FOUR principles needed to restore balance within your heart and mind
Get clear on the new boundaries needed in order to move forward peacefully

Yep, you can potentially stop the
madness by the end of the week!

Are you ready to stop the endless arm wrestling match?




Learn how to stop the chaos and return to peace while navigating the divorce process

Here's everything that's included...

CommunicationEnergetics (value $97)

Centering and Protecting The Heart (value $999.)

Redefining Intimacy with Your Ex (value $97)

Practicing Healthy Intimacy With Yourself and others (value $97)

The Four Principles of Divorce Balance (value $2000)

BONUS #1 – Pre-Qualifying A Loved One Worksheet (value $97)

BONUS #2 – Neutral Communication Checklist (value $999.)

BONUS #3 – Workshop Workbook value $97.)

Here’s exactly what I’ll cover during the
Break Up Boundaries Workshop

The Yin Yang Dynamics of Chaos

  • Learn to observe which emotions are creating chaos and how to bring them back into balance
  • View yourself as whole and capable
  • Learn how to counterbalance and neutralize emotions

Calm The Four Pathways To The Heart 

  • Create safe spaces for the truth
  • Quell Anxiety and Prevent PTSD
  • Learn how to qualify intimacy

The 4 Principles of Balance in Divorce

  • Redefine your responsibility
  • Take on a new position
  • Stay out of the fray
  • Live in a neutral state
  • Future focus

Do you find yourself wishing there was a way to communicate without feeling anxious or frustrated?

I've got you covered there too...



Follow this simple strategy to guarantee that your deepest vulnerabilities and emotions are landing in the right place with the people.



Take the sting out of your communication and deescalate interactions with your ex. This simple checklist keeps your exchanges easy-breezy.

I love the Break up Boundaries Workshop because it helps you find peace (in even the most difficult of circumstances)

hey, I’m Rikki.

In 2010 a few weeks after my birthday I was in the middle of a cross country move when I found out that my spouse was having an affair. At the time I had a two year old child and had just uprooted our entire lives while he had planned to fly out the very next weekend to spend with his mistress…

The years following that discovery were a blur of panic attacks, depression, anxiety and most of all heart break. I went to therapy, I did the yoga, I read Eat, Pray, Love. Five years later I was suffering from PTSD and still seeking a way to address the emotional chaos that existed within me. 

And then, on a street made famous by Norman Rockwell, I found a teacher who changed my life. In approximately two meetings I finally understood what was missing. I learned the unconscious story that was driving my emotions and how to shift my attention away from the things that were never going to change towards the things that I could absolutely change.

Once I found the right strategies and answers, my life turned around so quickly. That’s exactly why I’ve been helping usher women through the divorce process for the past eight years. 

Since 2015 I’ve helped people navigate the complex emotional landscape that is unique to divorce. The mixed bag of grief, depression, sadness, hope, longing, rage, and paralyzing fear. It’s all too much if you don’t have a road map. 

That’s where The Break Up Boundaries workshop shines. It gives you heart-centered strategies that provide clarity for the next right moves. All while keeping you centered and calm.

When you walk away from
The Break Up Boundaries Workshop

You’ll know exactly how to stay in a place of calm or quickly return to it

Inside you’ll learn…

How to recognize and tame chaotic emotions

How to tend to your heart and keep it safe

Pre-qualify safe people

Wrestle with difficult emotions

Find balance

Total Value: $4,386




You will get...

Still not sure? I’ve got your back. There is a 100% money-back guarantee for whatever reason.

Frequently asked questions

Beginning, middle, or end if your break up is high conflict the break up boundaries workshop is going to help you feel more centered and calm in communication and relationship to your ex.

Firstly, I have a great deal of empathy for your position. I was once there too. In the Break Up Boundaries Workshop I teach something called the four gates which will help you change how you are relating to the break up. The Principles for Peace will also be particularly helpful. 

Learning energetics gives you really clear lanes and boundaries as to how you have control and what you is helpful to let go of.

When you feel rooted and centered in the eye of a storm you will be able to assert change to the power dynamic. 

If you’re still feeling the push and pull of a power dynamic and having a difficult time navigating any agreements or plans with your former spouse then this workshop is still for you!




If you're not satisfied with the Break Up Boundaries Workshop for whatever reason, you're covered by the 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.